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Reasons to Have a Wedding Sand Ceremony


The wedding unity sand ceremony is a unique way to encourage people to have a vivid reminder of the loving union between couples. It may be about two people being married, but the unity is what being celebrated. It has become a popular alternative to the candle as a way to celebrate unity, not just of the couple, but also of the people that stand behind them. It is also about the merger of the families behind the people.


Traditionally, it is all about candles that is being lit to make a symbol of unity. Now, it is sand being used to stand as a unity pillar for them to hold on now they are being made into one. The families that stand behind them share with the light. But now, sand is being used especially in beach ceremonies. It is more appropriate since sand is the most abundant thing to have in the beach aside from the water.


Candles have burning light which may be a bit dangerous. It is not good to be near an open flame. With all the potential problems that may happen with an open flame, having sand can be a safer alternative.


Having sand can be a best option since, it is something that is abundant. It does not have a large carbon footprint, which is critical for the environment. Unity sand can be easily obtained. While there is a beach somewhere, there is sand. Sand is cheap and can stand the test of time. This symbolizes not just being with the other half forever, but a means to be with the people you want to be forever.


Unlike candles, sand can be a vivid reminder of the unity. The couple can create a vivid keepsake of their unity which is something candles cannot do. The fire from the candles gets extinguished, but the merging of the sand particles and the mixture of the colors can endure.


A unity sand set is being used as the vessel to hold the mixed sand from the bride and the groom. You can easily buy one from wedding planners and wedding supply stores both brick and mortar and online stores. The key here is to know what the supplies and needed materials are.  Get the sand ceremony container here!


Unity sand can be a nice thing to have and to hold before any wedding. Sand can be a nice and more poignant reminder of the unity of the couple. To know more about the benefits of wedding sand, visit http://www.dictionary.com/browse/marriage.